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Crack the Code: Ace Stanford GSB's Admissions like a Pro

Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB, renowned for its collaborative and innovative culture, is top of mind for many MBA applicants globally. The GSB maintains rigorous standards for admission, making it highly selective. When it comes to the admissions process and presenting an outstanding application to Stanford, here are four key considerations to keep in mind.


When crafting your application, it's important to convey your story in a manner that reflects the true essence of who you are. Avoid the temptation to tailor your narrative to meet the expectations of the admissions committee. Instead, embrace authenticity and let your genuine self shine through. It can be challenging, as you may question whether your authentic self is sufficient.

However, trust that it will indeed be enough. Self-awareness plays a vital role in the business school application process, and the admissions committee is interested in seeing your comprehension of your past, present, and aspirations. Additionally, they want to witness how Stanford GSB aligns with your understanding. It's crucial to avoid coming across as contrived or forced, so remember to stay true to yourself.


The admissions committee seeks applicants who possess a passion and a vibrant spirit. It's essential to unleash your drive and let it shine without reservation. However, it's important to convey your enthusiasm with poise and conviction, rather than resorting to arrogance or excessive noise.

Demonstrate that you are not merely following a predetermined path, but that you approach life with a genuine sense of purpose. Clearly articulate what truly motivates you and ignites your inner fire, providing insight into what makes you tick.

Additionally, provide concrete examples of instances where you have gone above and beyond to achieve your goals or where you have selflessly contributed to a team, even when it was not expected of you.


Stanford GSB is renowned for catalyzing various literature and projects focused on Creativity in Business. Creativity is deeply ingrained in its culture, and with its strategic proximity to Silicon Valley and its position as a major university within that vibrant ecosystem, Stanford and its GSB hold a distinctive and influential position. Therefore, when presenting your application, it is crucial to communicate how you have ingeniously tackled complex problems.

Rather than merely showcasing that you generated novel ideas, emphasize the significance of your innovative solutions by demonstrating their impact. Highlight how your creative ideas were instrumental in solving critical issues at hand. Remember that not all new ideas are helpful, so it's vital to differentiate yourself by underscoring the concrete and positive results your innovations have achieved.

In your essays, interviews, and other unstructured sections of the application, delve into the tangible outcomes and transformations your creative thinking has brought about. By showcasing the genuine impact of your creative endeavors, you align yourself with Stanford GSB's values and ethos, further reinforcing your fit within their innovative and impact-driven community.


A compelling GSB application should portray you as an individual who embraces a life beyond self-interest. As you contemplate your past, present, and future endeavors, think about how you can genuinely convey this aspect of your character.

If you find yourself struggling to identify such instances, it might be an indication that you need to be more intentional about incorporating this mindset into your future pursuits. However, you could also be overthinking! It doesn’t have to be when you “saved the world” but can be things you didn’t think as big… it’s always the little things!

We are rooting for you at #YouGotThis as you go crush those applications. If you need further guidance and support, feel free to reach out to us via email at

Remember, YouGotThis!

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